11 February 2005

These were a few of my favorite things

Roast beef, medium well; bacon; sausage pizza; cheeseburgers; Mighty Kids Double Cheeseburger meals from Mickey D's; beef barley soup.....

I made my choice. I've been given some wonderful suggestions by the Devoted Readership - and I did consider giving up Law & Order, but as I have rehearsals on Wednesdays that's just collateral damage, not a choice - but I finally selected to give up red meat for Lent. I've gone completely meat-free in the past and trying to combine that with a busy rehearsal schedule is just a bit too daunting. Especially if I'm going to continue going to the gym before rehearsals. (Score on that so far is pretty much three for three. I didn't go to the physical gym, but I did do a long, brisk walk around the neighborhood with my upstairs neighbor, Kathy.)

So sheep (and cows, and pigs, etc) may safely graze for next several weeks. Chickens and turkeys shall continue to live and fear.

Brett suggested I give up auditions. Not likely! Lent is about sacrifice and observance, not about suffering of epic dimensions. Let's have a sense of proportion, shall we?

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