18 February 2005

A free evening?

Every now and then even my overbooked calendar has an empty day. I have one such evening tonight. When my calendar has been as full as mine lately and I find a chunk of free time, it literally leaves me standing in the middle of my living room wondering what to do. I have a bit of a cold today, so I cancelled plans to hang with Ira (he has a show opening in a week and doesn't need my germs to make Tech Week even more special) and am now at loose ends.

So.... what to do? What to do?

1. If I ask David or Eileen they will vote for me spending the evening learning my lines. Fair enough.
2. Pekoe, the Fabulous Orange Tabby, will suggest that I sit quietly on the sofa and provide a lap for him. This coordinates well with Option #1.
3. I could stop whining about my condo being too messy and just clean it.
4. I could watch some of the enormous backlog of videos and DVDs that have been waiting for my attention.
5. I could read some of the Terry Pratchett that Deb lent me.
6. I could waste an enormous amount of time on-line and (my favorite time suck of all) playing Freecell.

I suspect that tonight will be a sampling of numbers 1 - 6, going light on #4 and heavy on #1. And I can dump some ingredients into my bread machine and arrange for my place to smell nice tomorrow morning. It's always easier to get up if there's something to get up for.

Tomorrow I have rehearsal in the morning and afternoon and in the evening I'm having dinner with Mitch and Stephanie (hurray!!).

Sunday should include church in the morning and hanging out with John and Mattie in the evening.

Monday is a vast, open, free, uncluttered vista until rehearsal in the evening.

Recently my calendar was up to seven colors, but when The Man Who Came to Dinner closed on Saturday, we dropped back to six. Right now the colors are:

black - normal life
pink - auditions
blue - birthdays (Want to be on my calendar? Tell me your birthday. It doesn't mean you'll get a card - or even an e-mail - but I'll think about you and think "Oh! I should have sent a card!")
orange - David. When my calendar runs out of orange things, we make more plans.
red - Independence. Shows take up a lot of time and, thus, get their own color. My OCD is not yet severe enough to make me color-code based on whether I'm acting, directing, or merely serving as some kind of minion, but I can see that day coming.
green - other people's performances.

How far into the future does my calendar go? Well, Mary Ann asked me to submit a children's show to direct at Elden Street in June 2006, so ..... June of 2006.

So if you've been pining to talk to me, call tonight. I'll be home!

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Anonymous said...

I vote you come over to visit S and C when a moment is free! We want to catch up! I can't believe I've actually de-lurked!!