03 February 2005

Oh, Sherry, you know I never read notices...

I haven't posted a recent picture of David's Henry V beard, but y'all can see it for yourself because the show got a nice review in the Washington Post.

Michael Toscano said good things and the Post ran a good picture. And even though Maura is yards prettier than David, it's his picture they ran. Well, him and several other people. The permanently delightful Sally can be seen second from the left. (She's yards prettier than David, too.)

To describe it in "yearbook caption speak": While Mistress Quickly and the Chorus look on, Bardolph comes between belligerents Nym and Pistol.

{Sad comment on our modern society - I was heading for Google to double check the spelling of Mistress Quickly's name until it occured to me that my big, heavy book of Shakespeare is less than 10 feet away from me. Sigh.}

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