01 February 2005

Tossed Mickey

Pointless Theater Anecdote:

Long years ago (but not as many as 14), I ordered some lingerie from the Disney catalogue. I got a set they called "Tossed Mickey," which was a white bra and underpinnings with lots of Mickey Mouses on them and I used to wear them for good luck or something on opening nights. So I was doing a show with my G&S family, VLOC, and changing in the women's dressing room, when someone complimented on my cute undies. I said I was wearing them for luck.

"Oh, will you wear them every night?" she asked brightly.

"No...... I intend to change my underthings during the run. I was kind of hoping that would be a general thing that everyone would do."

I think of this story every time I wear my Tossed Mickeys.

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Anonymous said...

Beverly, here, dahling. And, in the unforgettable words of Meg Ryan in that wonderful(?) movie "Joe vs. the Volcano," I have no response to that.