06 February 2005

Rule announcement

I didn't want to have to make this a rule - I was hoping a guideline would suffice - but I am left with no choice. Henceforth the following shall be known as Theater Rule #1:

If you get cast in a show, I must be told about it. I want to know what company, what show, what role, when you go up, how long you run, and any other pertinent details. Production gossip also cheerfully accepted. (Why, yes, Amy - this means you!)

I'm glad we had this little talk.


Anonymous said...

I throw myself on your mercy, oh wise and wonderful Leta. I hear your commandment and thus will obey. All I wanted to do was wait to tell you in person, but others who shall remain nameless freed the feline from the rucksack. This next in all seriousness, I wanted to see your show and I've heard you were/are great! If I had had half of a brain cell to rub together Saturday night, I would have been there. I really do apologize for missing it.

Company: Rude Mechanicals
Show: The Scottish Play
Role: Lady The Scottish Play
When: May 20-21, June 3-4, June 11,18 and 25
Other Details: None as yet. I swear it!
Production Gossip: More on this later...

*with much groveling and gnashing of teeth- and chocolate sacrifices...did I mention the chocolate sacrifices...?*

Anonymous said...

*ducks head*

*sings quietly*

Amy's in trouble... Amy's in trouble...

(of the Feline Liberation Army)