18 February 2005

Pictures of me that I don't hate

I generally don't like pictures of me, but here's a strip that either Mom or Aunt Dotty took back in the day. The top row is Sara and me playing in the backyard. The bottom row is pretty self-explanatory. And anyone who doubted how much Sara looked like Dad, well, see for youself - it's Charlie Jr. We must have been around six and three when these were taken because we moved to the Sutherland Road house a few weeks before Sara turned three.

One day I will find a photographic genius who will be able to get rid of the water stain (or whatever it is) and blow these up and then I'll frame them and hang them on the wall. I'll probably even turn the one with the tree in the right direction.

And I think that the next time I'm asked for a headshot, I'll use the last one on the right. Even though most people would say that the first one on the left is much more typical. (I am so put upon.)

Leta & Sara way back when Posted by Hello

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