14 November 2005

How to decorate a set

An e-mail I sent to my Dad the other day --

Below is a link the press photos for "The Cocktail Hour." If you look carefully at the last picture (the cast gathered around the piano), you can see my high school graduation picture (the one on the left) and your mother's picture (the one on the far right). Hidden behind my graduation picture is one of yours & Mom's wedding photos with all the grandparents.

This is the second show that I've done at the Stage that needed family pictures, so this is also the second show that all three pictures have been in. In fact, it was the need to dress the set for "Independence" that got the wedding photo and your mother's portrait framed, which I'd been meaning to do for years and had never gotten around to. For "Independence" we also had Mom's, Sara's, and my baby pictures, which used to hang in Gram's house. Aunt Dotty gave them to me after Gram died and they usually hang in my bedroom.

By pure coincidence, the colors used on the walls in "Independence" matched the tinting in your mother's portrait (a kind of dusty yellow and sage green), so it looked completely at home there.

I pretty much hate every picture of me, so I hate these press photos, too, but I really enjoy having real pictures of my family on the set.



Rosellen said...

It really does put a personal touch to have your family's pictures in the photos. Does it make a difference to have them on stage with you during a performance?

Leta said...

Not exactly. By the time a show opens I'm as familiar with the set as I am with my own living room, so I look at the set dressing about as often as one would look at the stuff at home. But one night during "Independence," I happened to be standing so that as my "mother" lit into me about something I saw my real sister's baby picture grinning at me from the wall and she just seemed to be enjoying it a *little too much.*