17 November 2005

The reasons to adore Richard just keep piling up

When I told Richard that there was a great demand on the internet for pictures of him in his Emperor's New Clothes final costume (great demand in this case meaning that Rosellen asked), he said that yes, I could take a picture on closing weekend and post it.

So I've borrowed David's digital camera and will take several shots of the glory that is my children's show. I'll take pictures of the cast, the set we play under, our set, stuff like that.

Richard has agreed to this even though his employer (and quite a few of his friends) are likely to come across these pictures. What a guy!


MacDurk said...
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MacDurk said...

How can I possibly disappoint a member of the public who wishes to see me in my imperial *splendor* - particularly as I suspect that similar photos will be posted on the EldenStreetPlayers site as well? Besides, as Leta is my revered Director and was kind enough to cast me as Emperor and dress me in the finest attire that money could buy (the special cloth alone must have cost at least $5.00, to say nothing of the trim), how could I refuse her wishes? Richard