17 November 2005

How to have your Pop-Tarts and be gluten-free, too.

1. Find an acceptable gluten-free bread (Ener-G makes one that's not too horrible).
2. Buy or make frosting.
3. Make toast, smear with frosting.
4. Enjoy yummy gluten-free "Pop-Tarts"

Bonus: I've actually been doing this for years and years (well, with real bread, of course, not the stale air that passes for gluten-free bread at about $5/loaf), but now it counts as being "creative" and "coping" rather than just being weird.


Brett said...

Sadly, these do not count as true poptarts, as true poptarts, like true Hostess snacks, have nothing from nature in them. Your substitute bread is derived from things found in nature and thus this doesn't really qualify.

The Poptarts people have drifted from their true mission and begun to peddle barely disguised health food, like the Strawberry 'Poptart' but every now and then they bring out a true Poptart like the Lavaberry ones they did recently.

A little known fact is that Poptarts and Hostess products belong to their own food group, the 'Tasty Goodness' food group and are essential for good health during the college years. This is true, I found it on Wikipedia.

Jim A said...

Dude-eronomy 7:11
Of the pastry that goes in the toaster, Thall shalt only eat the unfrosted straberry filled, or the choclate frosted and filled pop-tarts. All others ,especially store brands are unclean, and shall be an abomination to you.

Liza said...

Jill recently introduced me to my new favorite snack treat, which I hope you can adapt to a gluten-free diet: broiler s'mores. They're even better than S'mores Pop Tarts.

Graham Crackers, smeared with nutella, and then smeared with fluff. OR smeared with fluff and then sprinkled with chocolate chips. I suppose if I had traditional candy bars at home, they would work too.

And then broiled for 60-90 seconds, depending on how brown you like your fluff. :)

I love being pregnant. It's the best excuse for eating bizarrely that I've ever had.

Liza said...

BTW, did you hear Martha Stewart's brussels sprouts recipes on NPR this morning? She also read Mama Stanberg's Cranberry Relish recipe and says she's making it this Thanksgiving.