02 November 2005

One for the English Majors

I was typing something for my boss today and noticed that he had written "Transition [adjective] [noun] ..." and I asked if we could make it "Transfer [adjective] [noun]....." He agreed.

In this world of corporate-speak, this tiny victory is a lit candle in the vast darkness. The Professional Organization of English Majors will be so happy.


P said...

You know, Leta, minor victories like these truly do warm the cockles of my heart. Rejoice!

Anonymous said...

As an English minor, I derive great joy from your victory, except not quite as much as some others. Congratulations to us, though.


Maureen said...

After a long career in government, I've been forced to use bureaucratese, but in general I prefer to avoid it whenever possible. (If you ever catch me using "leverage" as a verb, PLEASE call me on it!) How fortunate for you that you were able to spare some unsuspecting reader the indignity of such language. Thank you, and well done!