01 November 2007

99 -- what?

It's "One-Hit Wonder" e-quest day on 94.7 and someone just asked for 99 Red Balloons (in English, yes, apparently so that I could sing along) and then dedicated it to his girlfriend.

I gotta say, I have not had nearly enough songs dedicated to me on the radio*, but I don't think that I'd want one of them to be a pop ditty about nuclear annihilation. Sure, the contrast between the upbeat, bouncy music and the theme is fun, but even so.

O Fortuna, on the other hand, who wouldn't be flattered?

* not nearly enough = none


Brett said...

Other Inappropriate Ones:

My Name is Luka to my Dad.

Lola to my boyfriend.

Baby's Got Back for my Mom.

Bill said...

I prefer the translation found here:


Bill said...

In terms of dedications to a female SO, would Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science" be good or bad?