24 November 2007

Ink blot

I got an odd little text message this morning: "Please call". No number, no name, leaving me to wonder who wanted to hear from me. It wasn't David because at 9:30 this morning (roughly when the text came in) he and I were having breakfast, so talking to me about something wouldn't be that complicated.

My wheelchair-bound mother? She needs my help to send e-mail, so you know she doesn't text. Heck, I'm barely text literate because as far as I know my phone will only receive them, it won't send them.

The small number of my friends who actually do text? They'd probably have said "Call me." Maybe with a name because they all know that I know more than half dozen people. And that I'm not all that quick with guessing games.


As it turned out it, "Please call" was one of those pre-mature sendings because there was a phone message with the rest of the message waiting for me. But it got me to wondering who I would have called had I not gotten the rest of the message. Who I would have assumed wanted to talk to me. Or needed to talk to me. Who was my Jeopardy answer friend? I'll take Leta's Friends for a $100, please Alex....

I read somewhere that if you send a bunch of people an anonymous letter that just says "All is known. Fly at once." that some of them would leave town. Maybe. Maybe not. But if someone sent you a note saying "All is known" what would you think was revealed?

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Maureen said...

Interesting question, the answer to which would depend entirely on who's saying "All is known." My ex would be making a metaphysical reference. My current husband would just be yanking my chain. Certain friends who saw me thru the worst? Probably what I told 'em about the ex.