17 November 2007

Reasons to be cheerful, Part 13

I auditioned for a show in Reston, the director went another way, blah, blah, blah. Okay, you're up to speed on the background.

In the past week I have sat in three completely wretched traffic back ups. And the reason given for two of them? "Hmmmm. Lots of cars out there." Yes. There were. All of them driving very slowly in front of me.

On Tuesday I was on the Toll Road heading to work and I really kinda wanted to get there early because I'd forgotten to do something for my boss. Instead, I sat in traffic and was a half hour late.

On Tuesday night, I was going to have dinner at Chicken Out before seeing a friend's show. Instead I sat in traffic on the GW Parkway and ate chili from Wendy's in the lobby right before curtain.

(Alert readers will notice that I got to sit in two horrible traffic back-ups on the same day!)

On Thursday, barely recovered from Tuesday, I was going to meet Lori and Katie at 6:30 for dinner before seeing a show. Instead I spent an hour going, oh I dunno, 7 miles on the Toll Road. What would that make my speed? 7 miles an hour. That right. I was in first or second gear the entire time. Bleh and double bleh.

How does all this tie in to the lead paragrah in this post? Because as all three of these horrible, awful, no-good, very bad wretched traffic back-ups were in Virginia and two of them were near the rehearsal and performance space for the show in which I was not cast. And as I sat there, aimlessly poking at the radio buttons and fidgeting, the thought occured to me more than once:

Thank you, Adam, for not casting me and making me deal with all the cars in Virginia.

Instead, I'll do a nice show in Rockville, not far from home. Yay!


tommyspoon said...

Snark on.

Yeah, because there's absolutely no traffic in Rockville. At all. Never. In fact, weren't cars banned in Maryland last year? Teleporters are standard now, right?

Snark off.


Actually, the lesson you should be taking from all this traffic is that your next car should have automatic transmission. One less pedal to worry about!

(Sorry you weren't cast, but I must thank you for giving me the opportunity to play another amoral cad.)

Maureen said...

This is why I don't audition for some companies - "geographically undesirable". I may be dying to do that show or work w/ that director, but sit in my car for an hour or more while a major thoroughfare becomes a parking lot? No, thank you!