04 November 2007

How to be very tired

1. Close your show with the sort of performance - and the sort of audience - that you always hope for;
2. Greet well wishers and hang out for a bit;
3. Go to the cast party with the always charming and entertaining Tommy as your date;*
4. Intend to be there for maybe an hour or so, definitely long enough to be there when the thanks yous are given to the director and staff;
5. Enjoy the great food and wonderful conversation;
6. Have a small glass or two of wine;
7. Consider leaving when the bulk of the guests head out the door;
8. Continue listening to Tommy and Lorraine be interesting about theater;
9. Have another splash of wine. But just a splash. I mean it.
10. Participate in the fascinating conversation but notice how late it's getting;
11. When the clock says 3:00, start making going home noises;
12. Get pulled back into conversation;
13. Have some tea;
14. When the clock says 3:30, become more serious about leaving, but Tommy's walking you to your car (no guest parking in the development), so wait for him a bit and because, well, the conversation is still interesting, darn it;
15. When the clock says 4:00, mention that you need to be at the community center for strike in a six hours;
16. Start the real good-bye process;
17. Get walked to your car, get in the car, start the car;
18. Notice that the clock in the dashboard doesn't say 4:20 but 5:20 because Lorraine had already reset her clocks;
19. Drive home;
20. Arrive home around 6:00 and settle in for a three-hour nap before strike.
21. Blame Tommy, Lorraine, and Dawn for being way too much fun to hang around with. Take no personal responsibility for partying like a college sophmore.
22. Hope to do that again some time when you don't have to get up the next day.

*Don't worry - David is appearing in a show elsewhere and has his own cast bonding to do.

1 comment:

tommyspoon said...

OK, I take all the blame for this post. OK, maybe not all the blame, but most of it. And I'm really not that interesting or charming. Really.

I haven't stayed up that late in years. But it was worth it.