10 November 2007


It's a lovely autumn Saturday and I don't have rehearsal today or a performance tonight, so I am having the sort of day I really enjoy:

Up around 7:30;
Gluten-free waffles & syrup and a nice, hot cup of tea for breakfast;
Putting around, cleaning;
Audition this afternoon;
Road trip to Richmond with Mary Ann and John to see Sallie's first college show; and
Staying the (remainder) of the night with David.

And one of the best things about the road trip is that when I reply e-mailed to Mary Ann that I could go, I thought to call shot gun and John didn't. Mwhaa haaa haaa.

Up for tomorrow:

Read the paper and stuff with David in the morning;
Brunch with Sally and Laura;
Seeing David in Guys and Dolls with Lisa and Gaye.

I should do this sort of thing more often.

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ddelaney103 said...

So, if your not performing you're preference is to audition for more performances and/or watch other people do performances?