16 November 2007

When to call Tech Support

I have DSL these days which largely makes my life better - songs download from iTunes in a few seconds rather than a few minutes - except when it doesn't. Dial-up had a more reliable (in my opinion) signal. If I just waited long enough, I got through. DSL sometimes seems to prey to outside forces and I'll loose the signal, which makes me sad.

One recent Sunday morning I spent 30 or 40 minutes on line waiting for someone from Tech Support to help me (and, yes, I am very aware that my call is important to them). So Sunday morning is clearly the wrong time to call Tech Support, just as a very cold, sleeting Monday morning is the wrong time to call Triple A.

On the other hand, the wind woke me up in the middle of night last night. (Or rather, early this morning.) When I realized that, yeah, I was going to be awake for a while, I figured why not try Tech Support (DSL was out when I got home last night).

So, from my very small sample, the correct time to call Tech Support?

4:20 AM.

I waited about 12 seconds to be connected to a real-live-girl and when I had to hang up (the phone and the modem use the same line) in order to carry out one of her suggestions, she said that she would call me right back as compared to Sunday morning when they are overbusy and need for you to call back. And she did call me back. Twice.

The actual problem wasn't resolved but in some ways that meant less to me than not spending forever on hold listening to DSL-provider propaganda.

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