21 January 2005

Another opening, another show

I'm going to see Henry V tonight. Sadly, I have not memorized The Agincourt Carol, so I've limited my chances (but really only slightly) to look like a geeky idiot in front of strangers. Tomorrow I'm going to see Ruthless and on Sunday (GLW and the ice don't rise) I've got a reservation for Tea and Sympathy.

Remember I said that I see a lot of theater? I made a list recently of what I'd seen, putting together stuff from my calendar going back to about the middle of March. In a given year, there are 156 possible weekend nights and I spent at least 75 of them sitting in theaters. (This doesn't count the nights I spent performing in theaters either.) I see shows for all kinds of reasons - I like the script, I've never seen the show performed before, I'm adjudicating it for WATCH, just being social, or because a friend is in it or directed it or lit it or what-have-you.

I call going to a show because I know someone connected to it collecting a friend point. I have a huge (okay, imaginary) jar in my bedroom where I store all the friend points I've collected. It's really full. It's not a quid-pro-quo thing - there are many people I've seen in many shows who have never come to see something I've done.

Unfortunately, because our shows run concurrently, I'm going to miss seeing Maureen in A Comedy of Errors, which sucks because it's her Shakespeare debut. She opens on February 4th. Break a leg, Maureen!

I've lit a candle on my desk (I really have) to the weather gods asking for two things: Please, please let the theaters stay open this weekend so that I can actually get to Ruthless and Tea and Sympathy. And please let there be a good hard freeze in Lander, Wyoming. I need theater and Chad needs hockey.


Casey Jones said...

Hey, Leta-Bug.

I just called to reserve Beth's and my tickets for tonight. We'll see you there!

Chad said...

Bless you Leta! You may have pulled it off! It got down to 20 last night, so I think the ice survived!