16 January 2005


Brett's in town! He's one of my favorite people and I get to hang out with him tomorrow night. He's the sarcstic and mocking friend against whom all my other sarcastic and mocking friends are judged. He introduced me to a lot of people who are some of the best people I know (like his wonderful sister, Stacey).

Brett and his lovely wife, Cate, and their adorable son Chahls (okay, it says Charles on his birth certificate) have been living in England for the past couple of years and I didn't manage to get over there to visit them once. So in order to see more of me (or for his job or something), they are moving to Memphis. I can drive to Memphis. And I've never been there. But I'm going.

I've known Brett ever since Freshman year of college. He would drive 50 miles through sleet to pick me up if my car broke down and then he'd make fun of me the whole way home. He's kind and generous and did I mention sarcastic? Let's not forget sarcastic. He makes fun of me and I giggle. Of course, he makes fun of everyone. Once someone told me very solemnly that Brett only makes fun of people he likes, so him making fun of you means that he likes you. I considered some of the things he'd said to people that very day and said that if making fun of people means he likes them, God help the people he loves. God does.

Brett's in town!

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Anonymous said...

Making fun of people is soooo 1990s. Now I help people achieve self-actualization through ironic counterplay of their displayed behaviors. I am looking for a huge government grant to study the long term effects on people and large dogs.