21 January 2005

I did a bad, bad thing

We had lots of treats at the office today. Lots. Jill made two kinds of cookies, Francois brought in a very, very rich cake for Robin's birthday, and we had two more cakes for Amy's baby shower. And I had some of everything. Small pieces of cake, yes, and the cookies were not too large, but I had a total of three pieces of cake. And two cookies - chocolate with peanut butter chip and oatmeal raisin. (Jill still rules! She is the Undisputed Queen of Baking. The Fabulous Baking Michael is the Undisputed King of Cookies. Life here is good.)

So 3 pieces of cake + 2 cookies will probably = 5 pounds of Leta. I'm suffering consumer's remorse in a big way. And all that sugar should keep me bouncing around almost all through Henry V. It'll probably bottom out somewhere in Act IV. Oh, boy.

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