28 January 2005

Leta's Calendar Bingo

This past summer I was dividing my time between three projects: remounting the Stage's production of "Art" at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn, directing 21 Pairs of Sneakers for the Stage's One-Act Festival, and rehearsing The Vagina Monologues for a Stage fundraiser.

Eventually my schedule got so crowded that I could no longer use the little calendar I carry in my purse. So I made a two-page, two-column document that listed everything. In order to prioritize I color-coded stuff. When I was talking to David later that day I told him that my calendar was in five colors. "Oh," he said, "what color am I?" At which point we welcomed our sixth color.

I still keep pretty busy, so my informal rule is when someone asks if I'm free on such-and-such a day, if I am uncommited that day, it's theirs.

Now, let's all follow the logic and figure out why I am so overbooked...

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