12 January 2005

I'm with Janet

The final paragraph in Michael Bérubé’s post yesterday says:

In the meantime, let me just add that the final fifteen minutes of Finding Neverland are maudlin beyond human endurance, except perhaps in the case of Janet, who would happily watch a two-hour documentary involving Johnny Depp eating oatmeal. See you next Tuesday with more capsule movie reviews!

It makes perfect sense to me. Of course, I'd probably be willing to pay near Broadway prices to watch John Cullum or Sam Waterston read from the phone book, so I may not be the best person to ask.

Not being as stupid as Ross, I've never laminated my list, which is good because it changes pretty often. Here's the list - as of today - of famous men I'd "break a date with David on our anniversary to have dinner with and David would just have to deal":

1. John Cullum. I know. He's 73 - older than my Dad. So what. Talk to him for a few minutes (I have!!!) and you'll understand.

2. John Cusack. Never fails to catch and hold my attention. Just a lovely actor and always interesting.

3. Johnny Depp. A man so beautiful that he must believe that women's jaws are hinged differently then men's because I don't believe he's ever seen a woman who mouth wasn't hanging slightly open.

4. Alan Rickman. If I have to explain this, you should probably talk to an endocrinologist. Rent Sense and Sensibility and Galaxy Quest.

5. Sam Waterston. There are more reasons to watch Law and Order than the police procedural stuff. Oh, how I'd love to be an extra and sit in the jury box and listen to Waterston orate.

Ask me tomorrow and you could see five different names.


Casey Jones said...


Granted he doesn't do anything for me, but in listing Alan Rickman; how could you NOT post "Truly Madly Deeply"? Galaxy Quest doesn't have anything on it. Or Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, either...

**Pair of coins clink on table** Just my two cents.

Leta said...

That's because (head lowered in shame) I've not yet seen "Truly Madly Deeply." One day I will. And "Galaxy Quest" has a lot going for it. As does, oddly enough, "The January Man." At rehearsal last night we all "thumbs upped" "Love Actually," which Rickman did because Emma Thompson asked him to.