21 January 2005

Stupid weather

How beautifully blue the sky, the glass is rising very high, continue fine I hope it may, and yet it snowed but yesterday..... (W.S. Gilbert, more or less)

Let's start this by pointing out that the sun is shining. The sky is largly blue. But this is Maryland after all. Snow is predicted, so we need to start panicking now. My rehearsal for tomorrow has already been cancelled - no snow has fallen. At least two of the theaters I'd hoped to spend time in are located in schools and the folks who close schools are complete weather wienies. Now, admittedly, considering how poorly people around here drive, getting them off the road prophylactically is probably a good idea. And even I'm not particularly anxious to die for a community theater musical. But jeez!!

I want my rehearsals! I want my performances! Snow, snow, go away! Come again some other day!


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute - "I hate snow!"? Didn't you just write "I love snow!" the other day?

And speaking of snow wimps - my husband's place of employment sent everyone home around 2 pm Wednesday, and where he works they barely got 1" of snow. Where I work, we got 2-3 inches and the only folks who left early were those who had to collect kids from school or daycare.

Leta said...

I do love it, but like all things, I don't like it much when it becomes inconvenient. And this snow is prett darn inconvenient. I love snow, I don't necessaril love *all* snow.