21 January 2005

I can't spell in English either

From an e-mail from David:

You have always pronounced S.J.K.T.S.B.'s name as kay-ah-low-ha, but the spelling you've given suggests kah-ah-low-ha.

So I checked with Stacey and she says:

In Hawaiian, the vowels are pronounced slightly different. 'E' is pronounced as 'ay' while the 'A' has a soft 'ah' sound. 'I' has the 'ee' sound, so Garrett is Alohilani [Ah low hee lah nee]. Samantha's name also has a glottal stop, just to be confusing. Her name is Ke'aloha or [Kay' Ah low ha].

Garrett is the adorable Samatha's charming and mischievious brother. She's Samantha Jane Ke'aloha and he's James Garrett Alohilani.

I know other Hawaiian words (spelling entirely my own). The first definition is the one supplied by Brett. The one in parens is one that pedants will insist on mentioning.

Lanai - Stacey's room. (screened porch)
Aloha - Hello, tourguide. ("Hello," "good-bye," and other meanings as needed)
Mahalo - trash. ("Thank you." But all the trash cans say "Mahalo" on them. So there.)

So -- mahaloa and aloha!!

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