13 September 2004

Constant Comment

For years I hated Constant Comment tea. I started calling it (and I still do) Constant Compost. I mean, really, aren't orange scrapings compost? Then, one day, I tried it again and discovered that I now like it. Happens to me all the time. Pizza and Chinese food were two things I hated as a kid that I like very much now.

It's one of the reasons why I try to keep an open mind about things I don't like. The more vehemently I object to them when I dislike them, the sillier I look when I decide that I like them.

Of course, I've been trying to like seafood for years now and haven't made much progress. This saves David (and every other boyfriend I've ever had) mucho dollars on lobster, but it's still inconvenient. And I'm not sure I want to like modern art, so let's just play that one by ear. Ditto opera.

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