20 September 2004

Rounding Third

As a former roommate of mine used to say - Oh frabjous day!

Richard Dresser's Rounding Third (a lovely, lovely, funny, and touching play that David and I saw at the Contemporary American Theater Festival this past summer) has been published. Dramatic Publishing holds it and I've ordered a copy for my very own. In among the "too many books" in my condo is a bookcase dedicated to scripts and theater-related books. It is full. Scripts are starting to pile up on the dining room table - the flat surface nearest to the theater bookcase. I want some of my local companies to do Rounding Third so that I can see it again and again. It has two good men's roles and I can think of a dozen men who would be great in it. I ordered my copy ten minutes ago, so now I am anxiously awaiting its arrival so that I can read it a couple of times and just carry it around with me for a while.

Oh boy, oh boy.

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