24 September 2004

Rainbows and **what**?

Okay, let's start by admitting that I'm a geezer and that I like clear, clean enunciation by singers. I might as well be able to understand what-ever-the-hell they are singing about so emotionally. Good. That's out of the way.

Tom Lehrer did sing that "it doesn't matter if you put a couple of extra syllables into line" but he was being satirical.

In "She will be loved" the singer is trying to sing about rainbows and butterflies, but having lost count of his syllables or something, he actually sings "it's not all rainbows and buttflies." I don't know about you, but I'll take the rainbows and no thanks on the "buttflies."

And in the theme song to Spiderman 2, they sing what sounds a lot like "whose eyes in my behind" or, alternatively, "who's eyein' my behind." Not a huge problem, but not what they were going for, you know? I mean, isn't some of the nobility and angst of the song dissipated by my sophmoric giggling?

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