13 September 2004

Sweet Casey Blue Eyes

Yes, yes, I know, the song title word is "Suite." I don't care.

I stopped by Norman's callbacks tonight and there was Casey! He is such a neat person, I love running into him. He was called back for a role in Proof and I got to watch him read a scene with two young women. Now here's the thing I love about Casey as an actor - you can read every thought in the charater's mind off of Casey's face. In Six Degrees there is a scene where he had almost no dialogue at all and spent most of the scene leaning up against a wall, doing the disaffected youth thing. There was all of this acting going on up there and I'd just watch Casey. And I could read Woody's entire life off of Casey's face. Beautiful. (In theory, that's a normal part of acting, but it's not as common as all that. Pretty rare, in fact.)

Several of my actor friends have something like that - something that catches my attention no matter what else is going on in the scene, no matter where I should be looking. Ted's physicality, Dave's four-octave voice, Misty's incredibly expressive mouth. She do things with the letter "t" that would astonish you. She amazes me.

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