20 September 2004

My new bud, Anthony Trollope

Reading good. Reading very good.

I've made it to Chapter V of The Warden and I am loving it. Trollope writes words the way that Haydn wrote music - there is a sense of enjoyment, of fun, that pulls me in and makes me feel like a conspirator in his story-telling. We're breathing together, Mr. Trollope and I.

Here is an excerpt that caught my eye:

"Nor is there any good reason why Eleanor Harding should not love John Bold. He has all those qualities which are likely to touch a girl's heart. He is brave, eager, and amusing; well-made and good-looking; young and enterprising; his character is in all respects good; he has sufficient income to support a wife; he is her father's friend; and, above all, he is in love with her. Then why should not Eleanor Harding be attached to John Bold?"

There have been, over the years, men who have caught my attention simply by liking me. What does the Baroness say in The Sound of Music? That there is nothing more irresistable to a man than a woman who is in love with him? Maybe Lindsay and Crouse knew their Trollope.

So I shall be buried in Trollope for a while, instead of muttering dialogue to myself. GLW and the paperwork with Satan going through, I'll resume mutter dialogue sometime in the fall.


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