05 September 2004

My first CD

Okay, so here's the playlist - as it currently stands - for my first CD.

Belleville rendez-vous - The Triplets of Belleville
When he is here - The Sorcerer (Gilbert & Sullivan)
Extraordinary - Liz Phair
Homeward bound - Simon & Garfunkel
I’ll be there for you - Bon Jovi (acoustic)
If you’re gone - Matchbox 20
I get weak - Belinda Carlisle
All I really want to do - The Bryds
I’m on fire - Bruce Springsteen
Lean on me - Bill Withers
Light and day/reach for the sun - Polyphonic Spree
Marlene on the wall - Suzanne Vega
My immortal - Evanescence
My own worst enemy - Lit
Night swimming - REM
Rest in pieces - Saliva
Roll to me - Del Amitri
Sunday will never be the same - Spanky and Our Gang
Trouble me - 10,000 Maniacs
White flag - Dido
Why - Annie Lennox
Why can’t I - Liz Phair
Beyond the sea - Bobby Darin

The only things I know for sure right now are that the first two songs (Belleville rendez-vous and When he is here) and the last song (Beyond the sea) are in their correct places. The rest are still being mentally shuffled and reshuffled.

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