23 September 2004

I've finished "The Warden"

And loved it. Only one chapter didn't hold my interest and only because he kept saying the same thing, and in largely the same way, over and over. I suspect that with sufficient application of Scotch and English Major powder, the importance of that chapter would become clear.

I know that my non-English Major friends truly believe that English Majors pull the arguments and evidence for their papers from their butts, but this is not true. We have a special powder - like the kind they use to dust for fingerprints - that we gently spray onto recalcitrant works of literature. Wait a minute or two, carefully blow the excess powder away, and all is revealed. Had I a larger supply of English Major powder, my whole life could have been different.

Unfortunately, there is no English Major Luminol to definitively reveal the presence of literary merit in a given work. Such a pity.

Anyway, I've finished The Warden and now need to acquire a lot more Trollope. But in the mean time, I'm moving on to A History of Scotland by J.D. Mackie. Expect comments on the Picts, and Duncan, and Malcolm and that crowd in upcoming posts.

Scots wha hae!

(And, apparently, misused and misspelled quotes in Scots dialect as well. Hmmmmm. If Derrick sees this, I could be in some trouble.)

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