19 September 2004

Time to read

When I am not working on a show, I long for the enforced discipline of learning lines. When I am working on a show I long to read for pleasure.

With The Vagina Monologues closing tomorrow night, I'll once again have time to read for pleasure. To say that I have a stack of books waiting for me is the definition of understatement. I own many, many books - enough that there are 12 copier paper boxes of books that I cannot unpack because there would be no place to put them. David's blog a has a picture on it somewhere of someone (Catherine maybe?) who has stacks of books 3 feet high down the hallways of her house. I haven't reached that point, but there is a couple of stacks in my dining room that reach, I guess, 6 feet and every time I buy a new book, it gets added to that stack.

I also have borrowed books. Books by and about Dorothy Parker from Les, Terry Pratchett paperbacks from Deb and Amy, a bio of Broadway legend Jed Harris from Ira, some James Joyce from David. And last year I started a project for myself whereby (what a great word!) I'm reading my own books and reshelving or deaccessioning them at the end of the last page. A lot of books have gone away, but more keep coming in.

Objectively, I own too many books. Hello, my name is Leta and I own too many books...

So now that I have some time to read, I want to just read. I bought a copy of Trollope's The Warden recently and I'm going to dive into it - along with the history of Scotland that I started yesterday. I bought the Scottish history several months ago, but have been continuously distracted by scripts. I read plays as though they were books, but they aren't. I'm going to read Middlemarch and make it past page 20 this time. I really am.

I have bedtime books (the Pratchetts, the Harris bio), books I carry around, books I keep at the office for emergency reading. I read at stoplights, I read Time magazine, I read while standing in line, I read if my dinner partner goes to the bathroom, I read during commercials while watching tv. I read during minor, outpatient surgery. I love to read. I love books - love to read books. I love the way they feel in my hands, I love the way they smell. I love to re-read books I've read before as though they are old friends because they are.

Okay, I gotta go. My books are calling me.


Anonymous said...

The pic of Caterina and Stewart's books is here.


Anonymous said...

And you also have my copy of COPENHAGEN. Not that I'm seeking a mention, mind you, I just don't want to forget that it's not actually yours. :-) ali

Anonymous said...

Rereading old friends? Oh, absolutely! I have whole chunks of Pride & Prejudice that, while not quite memorized, are eagerly anticipated as I approach them. And of course it opens with what has to be one of THE best opening lines in English literature!