19 September 2004

When did Leta become an actress?

Such was the question asked of my director (Judie) by a fellow board member. Judie's answer is that I've always been an actress. My answer, about an hour ago.

The Vagina Monologues is going very well. We played to full houses last night and tonight and expect to be at about 90% for the rest of the run. Both audiences so far totally got the material and were warm, friendly, receptive folks to play to. God bless 'em.

Misty and I have a really nice moment late in the show. She finishes the moaner monologue with the "surprise triple orgasm moan," which is a hoot to watch and the audience just loves it. And then she does a little "aftershock." When the laughter and applause has crested, I shoot her a look like "and you're done now? We can go on?" and she nods like "yeah, sure, go ahead" which gets us a nice rebound laugh. Great fun. This is definitely a show that benefits from having an audience.

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