18 September 2004

The Secret is Out

Or - at David's suggestion - Busted!

David now knows about my blog. As Steve was leaving Barnaby's (a spiff dive in Wheaton, which Chris calls "Sardi's for Amateurs"), he said that he wanted to check out my blog and what's the url again? David was there and I couldn't come up with an infallible "Hey, look, it's the Winged Victory of Samothrace!" to distract him, so now David knows.

On the plus side, it's easier not to have to edit my conversations with him. Just remembering to avoid the topics he finds underinteresting is challenging enough, let alone avoiding any references to The Flibbertigibbet, so I'm totally cool that he knows. Also, now I can ask him technical questions when they crop up.

So - whew.

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